Latest images from La Gonave and our school in Bwa Chandel.

1.  Initiated a community health program

        a.  Built a latrine 
        b.  Water purification program  

2.  Funded teacher salaries(2015-2017)

3.  Construction of a school building

       This six-room schoolhouse allows each class to have a dedicated classroom providing a proper educational setting for the children of Bwa Chande

completed projects

Urgent Projects

Securing education for the children of Bwa Chandel, Haiti 

​1.  Constructing a water collection system

     a.  Building a 1300 gal. cistern

     b.  Constructing a rain catchment system

     (Funds required = $5,000)

2.  Funding Teacher Salaries

     Seven teachers are employed at the school

      (Funds required = $5,250 annually)

3.  Raising an emergency fund for repairs


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si Bondye vle

 - God Willing


Nancy Lanni, the founder of The World is One Place, is currently teaching ESL in La Gonave, Haiti. You can learn more about the work she is doing and the adventures that go along with it on:

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The World is One Place is tirelessly working to build a six classroom school for the community and assist in funding its staff.